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Our Standards of Care

Volunteer Code of Ethics – Volunteers agree to:

  • abide by the philosophy of the Service;
  • observe all the rules of the Service including those specified in the Constitution and any others determined by the Management Committee or the membership of the service;
  • adhere to all the accounting and other appropriate procedures of the Service;
  • represent the Service in a positive way;
  • not discuss confidential issues of the Service with people outside the organisation;
  • not take illegal drugs or consume alcohol when on volunteer duty or on the premises;
  • not accept gifts from service clients;
  • not to behave in a way that would breach client privacy, or constitute harassment or discrimination;
  • follow any grievance procedures set down by the Management Committee to try to resolve any conflicts with other volunteers, staff or members of the Service;
  • not to harass in any form clients, other volunteers, staff or members of the Service;
  • not give advice to clients;
  • not alienate clients from their family;
  • treat clients with courtesy, respect and consideration, act on complaints and provide services to the best of their ability.
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